HIGH CUISINE interview with Elena Pulina, head teacher of the school of English and French languages Sergey Pulin
"Gourmet cuisine" Tiger prawns in sweet and sour sauce with pineapple
"Gourmet cuisine" Veal medallions flambéed with Calvados
"Haute Cuisine" Tar-tar of salmon with crab
Interview with the architect Sergei Tereshchenko, author of Reporter, Coast, Artist
OSCAR TIME Tartar of veal with French mustard sorbet
OSCAR TIME Rack of New Zealand lamb with pomegranate sauce
OSCAR TIME Duck with Assorted Mushroom in a spicy sauce
OSCAR TIME Creme brulee with rosemary and apple chutney

Cafe Restaurant

At the cathedral
49000, Ukraine
Днепр, пл. Соборная 2а
(in the area of Shevchenko park)
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