Our philosophy

"He who doesn’t do anything – doesn’t make mistakes. If you want to be happier - do more of what makes people happy!"

We aim to create the perfect restaurant with perfect service and food. And so we surround ourselves with people who understand our philosophy and love the restaurant business.

Job at our restaurant:

"What is restaurant remembered with? Cuisine, atmosphere and people who work there!"

The restaurant is a team of like-minded people who understand each other.
An exceptional atmosphere is created by the people working on the team.
We offer a very difficult, but very rewarding work.
Anyone who wants to learn restaurant business will get the opportunity to do so here.

What we look for

"We are looking for individuals!"
We need employees who like this business and who love to give pleasure to people.
We are looking for people who want to work in a team, to grow and develop themselves together with us, we are interested in communicable, educated employees who wish to work for a company with a high level of service and individual special service to our guests.
We are interested in a permanent staff.



Each person can make a successful career if he is talented and passionate about his or her work.
We have no restrictions on age, level of knowledge and experience. We are ready to offer you a wide range of possibilities.

If you want to work in our (and we think - the best!) restaurants of Dnepropetrovsk, tell us about yourself.
It's enough to fill out a form and send it to us and we will contact you.




Cafe Restaurant

At the cathedral
49000, Ukraine
Днепр, пл. Соборная 2а
(in the area of Shevchenko park)
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