Preface the authors cafe "Artist"

 Studying the history of Yekaterinoslav, talking to enthusiasts and collectors, we got one of them very interesting documents found in the dusty archives of the city library. Papers relating to the mansion, which surprised us with its unusual architecture and history.

  Among the photographs and newspaper clippings, we rushed into the eyes of a letter Vl. Pertsov to an unknown lady. The letters are very poorly preserved, but something that we have to disassemble. We are particularly interested in the place where the author describes the mansion and its unusual appearance. Unfortunately, this building could not withstand the storms of wars and revolutions of the twentieth century.

It is not known what caused its destruction, but from the letters Pertsov we learned the history of its occurrence. Truthfully whether or not it - decide for yourself.

  We decided to share with you the favorite places of correspondence, in which the author describes the building, whom he admired. Read them and you will see our plan for reconstruction of the mansion and the atmosphere prevailing in it.

Selected Passages from Correspondence

«Dear friend, have not had letters from you. I hope you received my letter from Port Said, as well as a business letter from Pondicherry, India, that of the French. Today will continue to share with you impressions of walks in Ekaterinoslav, with which I could fully enjoy while staying away from Sophia Lvovna. In my last letter I wrote to you about the Transfiguration Cathedral, and today talk about building a smaller scale, but they are not less curious ... "

"... In Yekaterynoslav have an amazing place to get lost among the old houses on Cathedral Square. To him firmly stuck fashionable today in Europe the word "club." It has long been coveted for groups artists, writers and artists. Here, among the easels and unfinished sketches, restless creative spirit soars. This mansion surprised me by his architecture, so people here are not peculiar to the streets, and stands out from the other buildings unusual flavor

  As told to me by a frequenter of the club, the mysterious house owned by a wealthy philanthropist and patron of the arts. To him, at a dinner party, going to all the decent citizens and elite Ekaterinoslav. Often, they will present their work to the owner to decorate the house.

  Among the various rumors and legends that I heard about the origin of this house, especially liked the following story. They say that if half a century, he stood on the square Marché aux Fleurs, in Montpellier (if you remember, I talked about it in his impressions from a trip south coast of France). In the turbulent years of the bourgeois revolution it was dismantled and moved piece by piece and two sea, directly on the area Ekaterinoslav. In the shade of poplar Ukrainian decided to spend rest of his life his master, surround yourself with familiar surroundings and old memories.

  The interior of the mansion recreated his beloved place. "Cafe", where he spent his youth, "Winter Garden" from his parents' home and the old "Dining" grandfather - a place of celebrations and family gatherings. All together, these amazing spaces are intertwined and miraculously form a world full of comfort and extraordinary spiritual depth in which you want to return again and again ... "

Summer terrace

 "On arrival we were met by wonderfully arranged" summer terrace "in front of the house. Here, visitors can leisurely breakfast or a cup of coffee outdoors. You can order a meal and more serious, since it has to time, and the weather is favorable. This place is like no other, for meetings wonderfully romantic and leisurely conversations. I drank my morning coffee, and sit for an hour - watching sweep past the cab and crew, and the nanny are walking the wards ... "

First floor: "Cafe"

"On the first floor of the mansion located room" Cafe ". Its walls are decorated with works of artists who used to come here frequent guests, photos of friends and a host of famous posters performances. Hall - a replica of a cafe where a young man he spent many happy hours with friends, liked to meet with artists and gallerist. The atmosphere is truly democratic atmosphere and the creative spirit.

  The massive bar of dark wood and the walls are decorated antique panels, create the right atmosphere for a friendly chat. And numerous paintings, photographs and posters set up a creative mood and evoke inspiration. There is nothing nicer than to visit the "Cafe" and a cup of coffee, discussing spiritual things. I wanted to write to you all night, but there are no words, accomplish your goal tomorrow, after a walk. "

Second floor: "Winter Garden"

  "Winter Garden" - a witness of how the interior found expressed concern and love for his beloved master. She loved her garden in winter incredibly sad about the silence of green paths and the rustle of leaves. To comfort his beloved, in one of the halls of the mansion he embodies an exact copy of the master of this garden, a family friend of the sketches of Paul.

  This unusual interior has been very successful. So in the summer days the whole family resting in "shade and coolness" of his painted trees, and in the cold winter evenings everyone gathers in front of a large antique fireplace decorated with carved marble pattern of the Italian masters. Covered with a rug and do not forget to bring along a good book, we drank hot chocolate.

  Secret doors of the winter garden visible only attentive guest. They are in the kitchen Japanese chef brought from travel his wife host at the time of her hobbies East. Of those doors we were not filed one amazing dish eastern masters.

  I have just dined, and had to dine alone, as Sofya invited to the governor, Igor Valerichu, I wrote to you about it. In the evening I go there; I feel so strange among people when I think that I could be with you, they pass like shadows, and my heart is so little needs to sense their reality, because it is full of you. "

Third floor: "Dining"

"Dining Room" - an ancient hall, in any way tend to gather all the relatives on holidays. Paneled interior strict refectory remembered us the spirit of celebrations and commemorative events. Its walls are decorated with beautiful paintings by various artists. They are now looking forward to new visitors who want to mention here the festive period.

  In the "Table" is particularly useful is a large company, to cover the entire length of the table and indulge in revelry with friends and family. Hall, this is particularly good because it allows you to close the glass doors and privacy only his company. But in the cheerful company can not stop thinking about you. Send me your portrait, I persistently ask about it. That day will be a holiday for me ecstasy and delight that I could squeeze it to heart. "

Third floor: "The upper terrace"

 "On warm summer days, it is nice to sit in the cozy" upper terrace "that is located on the third floor of the building, and enjoy the magnificent views of the park. After all, nothing is better for dreamy moods and brilliant ideas, like fresh air and closeness to nature.

  The owner loves to set the house on the terrace of the easel and, armed with a brush and palette knife to paint sketches inspired by the beauty of the park. Imagine that you've ever lived in the valley and thought that the whole world is the same, which in this valley, and, suddenly, went up the mountain and saw that the horizon spreads endlessly, and that behind the hill - another world, and that All your false representations. "

  "Behind this goodbye, attached to the letter a few photo cards with views of Ekaterinoslav. Write to me at least once a week, sending a letter pigeon post to accelerate. "

  I remain goodwill at all times.
Sincerely, Vl. Pertsov